BRICS Digital Policies Webinar

On September 10th at 10AM (GMT-3 / Rio Time), the first BRICS Digital Policies Webinar will take place on-line. The main topics discussed by participants include cybersecurity, fake news, digital yuan, LGPD (Brazilian General Data Protection Regulation).
The event will be attended by CyberBRICS Coordinator Luca Belli and CyberBRICS Fellows Aaron Martin, Larissa Magalhães, Senka Hadzic, Smriti Parsheera and CyberBRICS Associated Professor Wei Wang.

The event will be free and broadcast live on the FGV channel on YouTube. The video recording will be available after the live transmission.


Brazil 10AM (GMT-3)
Russia 4PM (GMT+3)
India 6:30PM (GMT+5:30)
China 9M (GMT+8)
South Africa 3PM (GMT+2)

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