CyberBRICS Team

Luca Belli, CTS-FGV Coordinator, CyberBRICS Director

Luca Belli

CTS-FGV Coordinator, CyberBRICS Director

Director of CyberBRICS. Luca Belli, PhD, is Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) Law School, where he heads the CyberBRICS project, and associated researcher at Centre de Droit Public Comparé of Paris 2 University. Luca is also Member of the Board of the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI), Director of CPDP LatAm and member of the CPDP Programme committee [...]

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Dr. Ian Brown, Research ICT Africa

Ian Brown

Research ICT Africa, Senior Fellow

CyberBRICS Visiting Professor. Ian Brown is Senior Fellow with Research ICT Africa’s Digital Policy Programme, where he is researching cyber-security, data protection, and human rights policy in Africa. He was previously Principal Scientific Officer at the UK government’s Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sport; Professor of Information Security and Privacy at the University of Oxford; and a Knowledge Exchange Fellow with the [...]

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Min Jiang

UNC Charlotte, Associate Professor of Communication

CyberBRICS Visiting Professor. Min Jiang (Ph.D.) is Associate Professor of Communication at UNC Charlotte, a secretariat member of the annual international Chinese Internet Research Conference (CIRC) and Associate Editor at Sage journal Communication & The Public. Her research focuses on Chinese Internet technologies (search engine, social media, big data), politics (digital activism, online political satire, diplomacy), business [...]

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Dr. Andrey Shcherbovich

Andrey Shcherbovich

National Research University Higher School of Economics

CyberBRICS Visiting Professor. Andrey A. Shcherbovich is Associate professor at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, Faculty of Law (Department of Constitutional and Municipal Law), in Moscow, Russia. His professional Interests include Internet Governance; Constitutional Law; Human Rights; International Public Law and Procedure; Information Law; International Organizations; United Nations. [...]

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Anja Kovacs | CyberbRICS Non-Resident Fellow

Anja Kovacs

Internet Democracy Project, Director

Dr. Anja Kovacs directs the Internet Democracy Project in India, which works towards an Internet that supports freedom of expression, democracy and social justice, in India and beyond. Her research currently focuses on questions regarding cybersecurity, surveillance and privacy, and regarding freedom of expression, including work on gender, surveillance, bodies and dataveillance and gender and online abuse. She has also worked as an international [...]

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Sagwadi Mabunda | CyberBRICS Non-Resident Fellow

Sagwadi Mabunda

University of the Western Cape, PhD Candidate

Sagwadi Mabunda is a PhD Candidate at the University of the Western Cape. Her Doctoral thesis investigates the legislative responses of Cybercrime by analysing and critiquing the South African Cybercrimes Bill. She is a prolific speaker who has presented papers in a numerous conferences both in South Africa and internationally (Italy, Germany, Namibia and Botswana). She has published a number papers on her research interests which include [...]

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Aaron Martin

Tilburg Law School, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

CyberBRICS Fellow. Dr. Aaron Martin is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Tilburg Law School. Prior to joining the law school, he worked in the financial services sector in the area of cybersecurity and technology regulation. He is also a consultant on connectivity topics to the UN Refugee Agency. He has worked in tech policy roles at the OECD, European Commission, and Vodafone Group. His personal website is: [...]

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Larissa Galdino

Larissa Galdino

State University of Campinas

CyberBRICS Fellow. Larissa is Ph.D. in Political Science at the State University of Campinas, and analyzed the open government in the city of São Paulo. She was a researcher under the International Affairs Canada Award scholarship to participate in the Future Leaders in the Americas Program (“PFLA”), while she started to get interested working in the analyzing public policy development rooted in technology and data. Larissa became a member of the Social Science and Humanities Council of Canada [...]

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Senka Hadzic

Senka Hadzic

Research ICT Africa, Senior Fellow

CyberBRICS Fellow. Dr Senka Hadzic is a Senior Fellow at Research ICT Africa, where she was a Ford/Media Democracy Fund Tech Exchange fellow from 2018-2019 working on alternative spectrum policies to enable small scale operators and community networks. She is also affiliated with the ICT for Development Centre at the University of Cape Town where she was a postdoctoral fellow from 2016-2018. Her expertise is in low cost [...]

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Smriti Parsheera

National Institute of Public Finance & Policy, New Delhi

CyberBRICS Fellow. Smriti Parsheera is a Fellow at the National Institute of Public Finance & Policy, New Delhi, where she focuses on technology policy research. Her areas of interest include privacy and digital rights, regulatory governance and competition policy. She is one of the authors of the book "Responsible AI: A Global Policy Framework".    She has previously worked as a member of the research secretariat for the [...]

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Anya Orlova

Brazilian Association of Digital Radio

CyberBRICS Fellow. Anya holds a Masters degree in psychology and sociology. Her recent work has been at the intersection of academic research and volunteering in various digital activism and advocacy projects, with a focus on community connectivity. She joined the Brazilian Association of Digital Radio (ABRADIG) as an associate in 2017, and started working as its communications manager in 2018. Previously, Anna collaborated with [...]

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Wei Wang

University of Hong Kong, PhD Candidate

CyberBRICS Fellow. Wayne Wei Wang is now a PhD Candidate in Computational Legal Studies at the University of Hong Kong. Trained in Engineering and Law, Wayne focuses his research interests on IP & IT Law, Innovation Policy, particularly by means of data science methods. He engages as an Administrative Officer for Creative Commons Hong Kong Chapter. Wayne (has) held the fellowship of DERN/GSAN Resilience [...]

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Walter B. Gaspar

CyberBRICS Manager, CTS-FGV Researcher

CyberBRICS Manager. Lawyer, graduated Law at FGV in 2015. Master in Public Health from UERJ (2017), studying the interface between innovation, intellectual property and access to medicines policies in Brazil. Grantee of the Fundación Botín Programme for the Public Interest in Latin America (2013). Researcher in the Fiocruz and Shuttleworth Foundation project on intellectual property and access to medicines (2017). National [...]

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Ana Carolina da Hora

Computer Scientist, PUC-Rio

Computer Scientist under construction by PUCRio. From Duque de Caxias. Experience in the Apple developer Academy Program training Apple developers for students. 2018 Scholarship Apple WorldWide Developers Conference. Research Scholarship Youth Program Internet - CGI 2020. Creator of the Ogunhe Podcast. Columnist for MITTechReviewBrasil and GizModo and Member of the TikTok Security Advisory Board.

Carolina Telles

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (ECO/UFRJ)

CyberBRICS Researcher. Graduate student in Journalism at the School of Communication of the of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (ECO/UFRJ). In 2018, participated in the research project "Power, money and technical progress", studying global value chains, at the UFRJ Economics Institute (IE/UFRJ). Formerly researcher at the museum Casa da Ciência da UFRJ (2019), developing studies in science communication. [...]

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Larissa Chen

State University of Rio de Janeiro

Postgraduate student in Digital Law at UERJ/ITS. Graduated in Law from Ibmec/RJ. Scholarship researcher at the CyberBricks Project at the Center for Technology and Society/FGV, focusing on Chinese legislation related to cyber security, data security, protection of personal information, Chinese civil code and other legislation. Translator of the work "Chinese Civil Code".

Eduardo Mattos


CyberBRICS Assistant Researcher. Graduate student in International Relations at UFRJ. Researcher at Laboratório de Estudos de Mídia e Relações Internacionais, focusing on the intersections between culture, media, and IR. Former exchange student at the Universidad de Santiago de Chile (2020) through the ESCALA Exchange Programme of the Asociación de Universidades Grupo Montevideo. Former participant of the extension project “CCS em Faces” at the Centro de Ciências da [...]

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Sofia Chang

Peking University

Lawyer at UFMG, Master's student at Peking University. She works with privacy and data protection and researches the regulation of technologies, privacy and data protection in China.