China’s new platform guidelines

Translation By Ian Brown (CyberBRICS Visiting Professor) and Douwe Korff

Just-published draft guidelines for consultation from China’s State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR), translated by Microsoft.

Guide to classification and grading of Internet platforms

(Draft for comments)

First, the purpose of the guide

In order to better promote the healthy development of China’s platform economic norms, protect fair competition in the market, promote scientific and technological innovation, safeguard the rights and interests of consumers, more scientific and standardized management of Internet platforms, and enhance the relevance and effectiveness of supervision,  A classification and grading guide for Internet platforms is developed. 

Second, the platform classification guide

2.1 Classification by

Classifying a platform takes into account the platform’s connectivity properties and key features. The connection attribute of Pingtai refers to connecting people and goods, services, information, entertainment, capital and computing power through network technology, which makes the platform have various functions such as trading, socialization, entertainment, information, financing, computing, etc. 

2.2  Classification scheme

Combined with the current situation of platform development in China, according to the platform’s connectivity objects and main functions, the platform is divided into the following six categories (see Table 1).

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