CPDP LatAm is the Latin-American platform to discuss privacy, data protection and technology. It includes the Latin-American edition of Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) conference, the MyData conference, and Privacy Law Scholars Conference (PLSC).

Due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, the 1st CPDP Latam has been postponed and will take place on June 2021 in Rio de Janeiro, addressing points on Data Protection in Latin America, including Democracy, Innovation and Regulation issues. The conference will be composed of panels suggested by the participants and by discussion panels of academic papers previously submitted and selected by the Scientific Committee, thus serving as a platform to stimulate discussion and elaboration of solutions regarding the questions raised about the issues concerning data protection.

The event will have a tripartite structure. The first day will be dedicated to multistakeholders debates. The second day will include the first MyData Latin American Meeting and will be dedicated to analyzing innovative approaches and technologies that facilitate data protection. The third day will be dedicated to the first Latin American Privacy Law Scholars Conference.

This will be a unique opportunity to bring together varied and complementary perspectives on data protection and its impact on democracy, innovation and regulation in Latin America. To this end, we will receive panel proposals and academic papers, so that the programming is composed of the stakeholder contributions we will receive.

Article and panel submissions will open on February 10th, but you may already read through our submission rules and themes.