United Nations Internet Governance Forum Webinar

IGF intersessional work now and in the future: Best Practice Forums and Dynamic Coalitions.

On September 23, at 12:00 (Universal Time UTC), will happen the United Nations Internet Governance Forum Webinar. Our Director Professor Luca Belli will join the debate on “IGF Strategy and strengthening in 2020”.

You’re invited to join the Zoom meeting: / Meeting ID: 991 7988 8913


1. Opening and welcome by moderator – Anriette Esterhuysen

2. BPFs and DCs: introduction – background, purpose and how they are different Markus Kummer

3. BPFs and DCs today – Wim Degezelle (BPFs) and Jutta Croll (DCs)

4. BPF on BPFs: ‘Reviewing past BPFs to enhance future BPFs’ –  highlights Wim Degezelle 


5. BPF and DC experiences and links with NRIs: Challenges and achievements – Luca Belli, Michael Oghia, and Anja Genco.


6. The future of BPFs and DCs in the context of the proposed IGF+model and closer links with NRIs – Wim Degezelle

Followed by open discussion

7. Concluding remarks – Concettina Casa

The presentation of Professor Luca Belli is available here: