BRICS in the Digital economy: competition policy in practice

Nicolo Zingles contributed to the prepration of the second report pf the BRICS Digital Policy Working Group

Professor at FGV Law School and researcher at CTS-FGV, Nicolo Zingales, contributed to the preparation of the second report of the BRICS Digital Economy Working Group. #cyberBRICS

The group was established in 2017 during the BRICS International Competition Conference in Brasília, with Brazil as the main coordinator and Russia as co-chair since 2018. Its objective is to share experiences and cooperate in improving competition policies related to the digital economy in the bloc’s countries.

In September 2019, during the sixth BRICS Competition Conference, the Working Group released the first Authorities’ Report on the digital economy, under the leadership of CADE and the Russian authority.

In this second report, the aim is to deepen the discussion on various dimensions of digital markets, such as defining market power, assessing mergers and acquisitions, anti-competitive conduct, and remedies in the digital environment.

It is designed to identify common points and promote discussion on some of the key characteristics of digital markets in BRICS countries. The expectation is that this material will establish a solid foundation for bloc members to strengthen cooperation on the topic.

You can access the full report through this link.