EU-Brazil Dialogue on AI and Data Empowerment laws

New event December 1st l 14:00 EST

We are pleased to announce the event “EU-Brazil Dialogue on AI and Data Empowerment laws”

A roundtable that will reflect on the social and regulatory challenges brought about by the increased use and sophistication of artificial intelligence technologies and, in particular, generative AI applications based on high-dimensional language models (LLM).

Some of these issues relate to the fairness and transparency of AI training models based on access to and use of large amounts of data, including personal data.

Others concern the existence of an ecosystem that adequately supports voluntary data sharing to facilitate the processing of personal data, based on the consent of individuals.

This panel will identify the main data governance issues associated with AI training models and assess how the emerging legal framework in Brazil and the European Union addresses these new challenges.

In particular, participants will focus on Brazil’s recent proposals on the regulation of artificial intelligence and the so-called “General Data Empowerment Law” and seek to compare it with Europe’s Artificial Intelligence Law and Data Governance Law, against the backdrop of data protection law and applicable fundamental rights.

Reference will also be made to the importance of Chapter VI (on sustainability) of the European Data Protection Declaration for the regulation of AI, in search of similar principles in the Brazilian legal system.

The panel will include Alessandro Mantelero, professor at the University of Turin and member of the European Data Protection Board’s Support Pool of Experts; Edoardo Celeste, assistant professor at Dublin City University; Bianca Kremer, project leader at the IDP Center for Law, Internet and Society and CTS-FGV fellow; Nicolo Zingales, professor at the FGV Law School and CTS-FGV researcher, and Erica Bakonyi, CTS-FGV researcher.

📅 December 1st | 16:00

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