CPDP LatAm 2022

CPDP LatAm 2022 was dedicated to “Artificial Intelligence and Data Protection in Latin America“. In its second edition, the Conference was held in a hybrid format on 12 and 13 of July, at FGV in Rio de Janeiro, RJ. You can check the full Programme here.

CPDP Latam is the Latin American platform to discuss privacy, data protection and technology. It includes the Latin American editions of the Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) conference, the MyData conference, and Privacy Law Scholars Conference (PLSC). CPDP LatAm is a unique opportunity to bring together varied and complementary perspectives on data protection, understand its evolution and the explore the impact that data processing has on democracy, innovation and regulation in Latin America.

The CyberBRICS Team actively participated in the organization of several sessions of this year’s CPDP LatAm. Check below:

  • “Diálogo Brasil-China sobre IA e proteção de dados” (Brazil-China dialogue on AI and data protection) [Panel held in Portuguese]

Among the speakers of this panel are our researchers Sofia Chang and Larissa Chen. The session was moderated by CyberBRICS Advisory Board member Evandro Carvalho.

  • “Vigilâncias na América Latina e suas implicações sócio-políticas: localizando, generificando e racializando o debate” (Surveillances in Latin America and its socio-political implications: locating, gendering and racializing the debate) [Panel held in Portuguese and Spanish]

This panel was organized by CyberBRICS Associated Scholar Yasmin Curzi. The session was moderated by Curzi and CyberBRICS Manager Walter Britto Gaspar, and also counted with CyberBRICS Researcher Nina da Hora among the speakers.

  • “Cidades inteligentes no Brasil: questões transversais do direito à cidade aos direitos digitais” (Smart cities in Brazil: transversal issues from the right to the city to digital rights) [Panel held in Portuguese and English]

This panel was organized by CyberBRICS Director Luca Belli and it also counted with CyberBRICS Associated Scholar Jess Reia among the speakers.

  • “Digital transformation: what role for data privacy” [Panel held in English]

This panel was organized by CyberBRICS Director Luca Belli.

  • “Do not break them up… Break them open! Emerging approaches in the BRICS to data portability and interoperability in digital ecosystems” [Panel held in English]

This panel was organized by CyberBRICS Associated Scholar Nicolo Zingales