[Event] Internet Commons Forum

The Internet Governance Forum 2019 (IGF) is going to happen in Berlin, Germany, on Nov 25-29, bringing together multiple stakeholders to discuss public policies and digital rights.

One of our six sessions will be about the Internet Commons Forum, which is going to happen on the Pre-Event on November 25 at 15:40.

The Internet Commons Forum (ICF) is jointly organised by FGV, ISOC, APC and Centrum Cyfrowe.  The ICF aims at gathering thinkers and doers that are developing ideas and solutions for a less concentrated and more just Internet. 

This  event will be organised in four segments, where key stakeholders will expose their views and concert works aimed at fostering the idea of Internet Commons, to exploring four key Internet layers:

• Infrastructure

• Applications and Platforms

• Content and Data

• Policy and Governance

Every session will feature well-respected thinkers and doers exposing their ideas and innovative approaches for 10 to 12 minutes each and subsequently engaging in a collaborative discussion with the participants in order to identify ideas for collaborations.


  • Luca Belli
  • Adam Burns, Free2Air
  • Sophie Bloemen, Commons Network
  • Cade Diehm, Info Activism 
  • Jane Coffin, ISOC
  • Carlos Baca, Rhizomatica 
  • Nico Pace, LibreRouter
  • Mathias Judd, Qaul Net
  • Mariana Valente, Creative Commons
  • Anita Gurumurthy, IT for Change (TBC)
  • Paul-Olivier Dehaye, PersonalData.IO
  • Markus Beckedahl,
  • Alek Tarkowski, Centrum Cyfrowe

If you’re attending to the IGF, don’t forget to add the Pre-Event to your Sched.