Smart communities make smart cities

By Senka Hadzic The promotion of smart cities is generally shaped by a technological lens that focuses on digital innovation and data. Yet, technological solutions to complex socio-economic problems do not necessarily foster inclusivity, especially in urban spaces in the Global South. In fact, a report by the OECD released last year argues that poorly planned smart … Read more

Municipal Data Governance: An Analysis of Brazilian and European Practices

By Luca Belli, Danilo Doneda Abstract* Over the last decade, the “Smart City” formula has become a true marketing mantra, gaining momentum not only in the business environment, but also in academic circles and among policymakers. The formula is utilised to describe cities that, on the one hand, are increasingly penetrated and ubiquitously monitored by information and … Read more

Smart cities, personal data and citizens’ rights in Brazil

By Danilo Doneda and Diego Machado (See portuguese version here) Among the various conceptual propositions of smart cities, it becomes increasingly clear that the city “smartness” is not limited to the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for data processing. Broadly speaking, the use of data technologies is the first aspect for the smartness … Read more