Cybersecurity and Digital Sovereignty in the BRICS Countries Webinar

This webinar explored some key features of the Cybersecurity frameworks of the BRICS countries, their visions of digital sovereignty and the role of the BRICS grouping in fostering an alternative way of tackling such issues. The webinar also were the occasion to launch the book “CyberBRICS: Cybersecurity Regulations in the BRICS Countries” (Springer-Nature, 2021), which is the first and only existing volume analysing the digital policies of the BRICS countries and stems from the CyberBRICS project. The webinar featured Sergio Suchodolski, president of the Minas Gerais Development Bank and former Director of Strategy of the BRICS-led New Development Bank; Oliver Stuenkel, Professor at FGV Sao Paulo and author of Post-Western World; Min Jiang, Professor at University of North Carolina; and Anja Kovacs, Directress of the Internet Democracy Project, India.

The book “CyberBRICS: Cybersecurity Regulations in the BRICS Countries” can be purchased on the Springer-Nature website.

An open access non-official version of the book is also available on the CyberBRICS website.

Watch the full event recording: