World Internet Conference – Wuzhen Summit 2022

The CyberBRICS Team attended the 2022 edition of the World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit (WIC Wuzhen). This year, besides participating in two sessions, our team will also publish two papers in the Conference’s Outcome Report.

On Wednesday, November 9, CyberBRICS Director Luca Belli attended the “Bridging the Digital Divide” Forum, organized by the China Federation of Internet Societies. Dr. Belli presented the paper “Community Networks: Complementary Strategy to Bridge Digital Divides Sustainably”, co-authored with CyberBRICS Fellow Senka Hadzic.

Also on November 9, Dr. Belli attended the Expert Symposium on Working Together to Build a Community of Shared Future in Cyberspace, organized by the Cybersecurity Association of China. He presented the paper “Interoperability to foster Open Digital Ecosystems in the BRICS and beyond”, co-authored with CyberBRICS Associated Scholar Nicolo Zingales.